At Mecanumeric Group, we think that only a complete service is of value.

Our CARE department is capable of intervening from project design to maintenance and retrofit of your old Mecanumeric router.

Our service scope includes all aspects of CNC router repair, warranty service, software upgrades, and any available machine retrofits after expertise.

Our factory trained technicians will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.


Mecanumeric Group offers a variety of support services including:

  • Telephone Support
  • Programming, Operation & Maintenance Manual
  • Post-Training Support
  • Spare Parts
  • Tooling design and delivery in order to ease your production
  • Training workshops hosted at our facility

Traning center

MÉCANUMÉRIC's training teams train your operators to use the machine and the software and to assure its correct maintenance. On customer site or directly at its training center in Albi, discover our training program.


Faisability tests

You need to work with new materials or improve the quality / time of your machining? Our CARE department can support you thanks to its testing unit. Find out more about our services.

Machine improvement 
Our CARE department also offers you the opportunity to improve the performance of your machine by adding or modifying various options (ex: replacement of the table by a suction plate for a better maintenance of the parts, change of the spindle, addition of a tool changer, addition of a new cutting head, etc.).

Curative / Preventive maintenance
Our team of technicians travel all around the world to provide preventive and curative maintenance on your machine, thus ensuring them a longer lifespan. Find out about our maintenance contracts.

A team of technicians is also available to help you out by phone or with remote control.

Spare parts
MÉCANUMÉRIC also provides you with an online store for the purchase of the parts and consumables you need, whether for a Mécanuméric, CharlyDental, CharlyRobot machine or even for a machine from another brand.


Contact our CARE Department for more information