Cutting equipment with numerical control

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Accelerated assembly for a extraordinary machine (Jan. 2018)

6 weeks mounting for this milling machine over 21 meters long ! This is the challenge faced by MÉCANUMÉRIC at the end of 2017.

A new design for MÉCANUMÉRIC’s website (Jan. 2018)

MÉCANUMÉRIC just set up its new online website dedicated to industry, education and dental stakeholders. Main features : a more refined design, more video contents and a website which can be easily viewed on tablet or smartphone.

Design and manufacturing of a MECAPLUS of more 21 meters in length (dec. 2017)

21 meters long for 5 meters wide : these are the exceptional dimensions of the MECAPLUS machine being manufactured in the MÉCANUMÉRIC premises.

A first successful participation to the Tech Industry exhibition (dec. 2017)

For the first time, MÉCANUMÉRIC exhibited on the  Tech Industry  fair in Riga, Latvia,  from  30 November to 02 last December. The company participated to this second exhibition in the Baltic States in 2017, after its participation to the Balttechnika fair in Lituania, last May.

The first MECAJET II in construction (dec. 2017)

Presented last October for the first time during the SIANE exhibition,  the new MECANUMERIC water jet cutting machine with very high pressure, called MECAJET II, has already won over two companies which just purchased this equipment.  

MÉCANUMÉRIC’s values at the heart of a new presentation video (dec. 2017)

Humans, technologies and solutions : 3 words to describe MÉCANUMÉRIC’s DNA. Strong values at the center of the new presentation video of the company, originally communicated at the beginning of December.

A very positive result after the BLECHEXPO exhibition (nov. 2017)

MÉCANUMÉRIC enhances its positioning on the water jet cutting technologies with the presentation of the new MECAJET II on the BLECHEXPO exhibition held in Stuttgart from 07 to 10 November.

Adaptive suction nose for MÉCANUMÉRIC milling machines (nov. 2017)

MÉCANUMÉRIC engineers and technicians teams have designed a new automatic system to keep a constant position between the suction nose and the material.

Opening of a new subsidiary in the coming weeks (nov. 2017)

MÉCANUMÉRIC finalizes the necessary procedures for the opening of its next subsidiary in the Baltic countries. This action being part of its development plan initiated in 2016.

BPI France chose MÉCANUMÉRIC for its program « Accélérateur PME » (SME Accelerator) (nov. 2017)

MÉCANUMÉRIC has just been selected to integrate the 4th promotion of the « Accélérateur PME » (SME accelerator) program by BPI France.