Cutting equipment with numerical control

An improved usability thanks to the soundproofing box (oct. 2017)

To help its customers improve the working conditions of their operators, MÉCANUMÉRIC now offers a new option meant to reduce the noise generated by the pumps fitted on the MECAPRO machines.

Accelerated assembly for a extraordinary machine (Jan. 2018)

6 weeks mounting for this milling machine over 21 meters long ! This is the challenge faced by MÉCANUMÉRIC at the end of 2017.

Design and manufacturing of a MECAPLUS of more 21 meters in length (dec. 2017)

21 meters long for 5 meters wide : these are the exceptional dimensions of the MECAPLUS machine being manufactured in the MÉCANUMÉRIC premises.

Adaptive suction nose for MÉCANUMÉRIC milling machines (nov. 2017)

MÉCANUMÉRIC engineers and technicians teams have designed a new automatic system to keep a constant position between the suction nose and the material.