Cutting equipment with numerical control

4U / 2U

Charly4U - Charly2U

Thanks to their simplicity of use, to their amazingly fine milling results and to their wide surface of milling, the charly4U/2U are a reference in their field with their capacity to mill metals such as aluminium, brass, for a limited budget

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The strengths

• Performance and dynamics of the millings.

• XYZ stroke 310 x 220 x 160 mm (charly4U).

• XYZ stroke XYZ 600 x 420 x 280 mm (charly2U).

• Structure made of very rigid steel.

• Double guiding by prismatic rails in grinded steel with re-circulating ball bearings.

• Integrated greaser on each axis.

• Interpolation 3 dynamic axes.

• Easy, fast and reliable tool change and point-zero pickup, thanks to the tool sensor.

• Design and ergonomics.

• 180° visibility.

• Lighting : integrated halogen.

• Installation, taking over and immediate training.

• Compliant with the European safety directives.

• 2D and 3D milling.