Cutting equipment with numerical control



Faster, endowed with a stiffened frame and gantry, equipped with more powerful spindles, the MECA EASY will meet your most demanding productions in 2D as in 3D

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Download the PDF file : MECAEASY

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The strengths
• Mono-bloc frame in high inertia welded steel and mobile gantry in steel.

• Milling speed up to 18m/min
• Plate : fixed table made of wide section of aluminium profiles .
• Guiding by grinded rails and preloaded circulation ball bearings.
• Transmission by accuracy ball screw on the 3 axes.
• CN7000 digital monitoring with colour touch screen and motorization by brush-less servo-motors.

• A range of 8 formats for the versatility.

• Z 350 option for the 3D applications.

• Quality and performances matched to the production.

• The simplicity of use

• Compliant with the European safety directives.

• Many options : servo-motors "brush-less", micro- lubrication, automatic tool changer, vacuum table (with turbine or vacuum pump), high frequency spindle, engraving spindle with nose follower, fourth axis.


  ME 0507 ME 1007 ME 0710 ME 1510 ME 3015
X strokes (mm) 520 1050 720 1550 3020
Y strokes (mm) 750 750 1020 1020 1520