Cutting equipment with numerical control


For professionals, this 3 axis CNC milling equipment range offers an excellent price ratio/performances, in many industrial sectors.

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Download the PDF file : MECAPRO

Refer to the exemples of applications :

3 axes Milling equipment :

Precision milling/cutting machine (router) with simple use for machining plate materials in the sectors of advertising, sign, sign board, POP, plastics, aluminium transformation…..
Some of the materials to be used (according to the selected spindle and tool) on :
- Plastic in rigid plates (PMMA-PC-PS-PVC-ABS..)
- Expanded plastic and alveolar plates
- Rigid foams (PU- PS-…)
- Semi rigid foams (KAPA line®,…)
- Composite materials for building : Alucobond®, Dibond®, Reynobond®,..
- Composite materials for industry (polyester resin loaded with glass fiber, carbone fiber...)
- Wood and by-products.
- Polyester resins.
- Light alloys with Aluminium base or copper base.
- Steel and stainless steel
- Soft stones, marble, granite (only engraving)


Model Working travel
X mm
Working travel
Y mm
Z travel
MPR1015 1020 1520 250/400
MPR3015 3050 1520 250/400
MPR3020 3050 2020 250/400
MPR4020 4050 2020 250/400
MPR6020 6050 2020 250/400

In option : working length till 7800 mm, working width till 2520 mm


- Structure with fix table and moving gantry.

- Welded steel monobloc frame
- High inertia welded frame and moving gantry.
- Vacuum table in aluminium profiles or composite
- Holding of plates by vacuum generated either by side channel blowers, or by claw vacuum pumps. Selection of the zones by manual valves or automatic valves option.
- Motorisation : AC Brushless servomotors on 4 axes (X1-X2-Y-Z). Double driving on X axis.
- Transmission : high precision ball screw on all axes.
- Guidance : grinded steel rails and preloaded ball bearings
- POWER AUTOMATION MECANUMERIC CN7000 numerical control with 15 inches touch screen, hardware integrated, Data input by Ethernet link, USB port, import of ISO code files.

- Maximum speed : 417 mm/sec
- Acceleration : 1 ms²
- Repeatability : +/-0.025 mm
- Resolution : 0.001 mm

- Suction of milling chips by a large range of professional suction device .
- Various vacuum tables
- Static tool shop or rotative tool shop
- Tool coolant by oil spraying - Tool / material cooling system by frozen air .
- Multifunction heads options (M3TH) for 3 tools with tangential control
     Cutting knife for material thickness <2 mm
     Vibrating cutting knife for light and alveolar materials till 15 mm thickness
     Grooving tool for packaging application
- (GRAFITRONIKS®, OPTISCOUT®, ICUT®) vision registration/compensation system by camera.
- Horizontal numerical divisor (4th axis)
- SIEMENS numerical control and SIEMENS servomotors
- Automatic debatcher for holding material VILMILL®
- Multi-head system (2, 3 or 4 heads) for simultaneous machining of several parts
- Security zone around machine controlled by radar or immaterial barriers