Cutting equipment with numerical control


High productivity 4 axis multi head milling CNC machine optimized for sign applications and frontages in the building area.

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Milling equipment - 4 axes multi spindles:

High productivity system for fast cutting of materials in plate in the building sector (facades), POP sector or fitting sector of commercial vehicles (refrigerated trucks,…).


This 4 axis CNC milling machine can be equipped with a strong powered vertical electro spindle and horizontal electro spindle, adjustable on 360 degrees.

Materials to be used on (according to the selected spindle and tool) :
- Plastic in rigid plates (PMMA-PC-PS-PVC-ABS..)
- Expanded plastic and alveolar plates
- Rigid foams (PU- PS-…)
- Semi rigid foams (KAPA line®,…)
- Composite materials for building : Alucobond®, Dibond®, Reynobond®,..
- Composite materials for industry (polyester resin loaded with glass fiber, carbone fiber...)
- Wood and by-products.
- Polyester resins.
- Light alloys with Aluminium or copper basis.


Model Working area
X mm
Working area
Y mm
passage Z mm
MB6020 6050 2070 340/100


- Structure with fix table and moving gantry.

- Welded steel monobloc frame
- High inertia welded frame and moving gantry.
- Vacuum table in aluminium profiles
- Holding of plates by vacuum generated either by side channel blowers, or by claw vacuum pumps

- Automatic selection of the zones by electro valve . Plate reference thrust automatically retractable
- Motorisation : AC Brushless servomotors on 6 axes (X1-X2-Y-Z1-Z2-C)
- Transmission : high precision rack and pinion on XY axes and ballscrew on Z axis, reducer without backlash on C axis.
- Guidance : grinded steel rails and preloaded ball bearings
- Numerical control MECANUMERIC CN7100 with 15 inches touch screen, hardware integrated, Data input by Ethernet link, USB port, import of ISO code files.

- Large range of vertical electro spindle and horizontal electro spindle

- Maximum speed : 1000 mm/sec
- Acceleration : 1 ms²
- Repeatability : +/-0.05 mm
- Resolution : 0.001 mm

- Suction of milling chips by professional suction device – different powers
- Various vacuum tables
- Tool shop integrated under gantry with capacity 6 cones with tool length sensor
- Tool coolant by oil spraying  -  Tool / material cooling system by frozen air
- Vacuum areas with automatic selection, controlled by numerical control
- SIEMENS SINUMERIK® 840 Di Numerical Control and SIEMENS servomotors
- Retractable reference thrust (5 lateral thrusts and 3 frontal thrusts for MB6020)
- Automatic debatcher for holding material VILMILL®
- Offset electronic handle
- Security zone around machine controlled by radar or immaterial barriers.
- System of automatic loading unloading by cross bar or interchangeable tables