Cutting equipment with numerical control

The high pressure water jet cutting machine allows to cut a wide range of materials with pure cold water or water mixed with abrasive for very hard materials. The accuracy and the power of the jet allows high precision cutting, even for complex shapes.

Water jet cutting machine tool offers many advantages:
- High precision cutting
- Total preservation of the molecular structure of the cut product
- Ability yo cut heterogeneous materials
- Complex shapes cutting
- Hard materials cutting: hardened steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.
- Falls optimization
- Low water consumption
- Environmental protection
- Quick depreciable investment

High pressure water jet cutting machine operation principle
Water is filtered to remove impurities. Some abrasive can be incorporated in a metering depending on the material to be cut. The water is then compressed with a specific pump. It is accelerated to 2 to 3 times the speed of sound.

The energy concentrated by the water molecules reinforced by the abrasive allows cutting almost all materials, which thickness may be up to 200 mm for hard materials

MECANUMERIC: 3 waterjet cutting equipment.

MDA, waterjet cutting machine for agribusiness applications.

The technologies are derived from the mechanical precision and guarantee durability and performance over time.

The control of the water jet cutting machine is made by CNC MECANUMERIC CN 7100 with Human Machine Interface (HMI) with color touch screen, with USB connections, Ethernet and Internet for remote maintenance.
Complies with regulations related to food safety and hygiene, the main advantage of water jet cutting machine is the absence of blade, cutting is being done with no product contact.

MECAJET, waterjet cutter for soft and hard materials.

The MECAJET incorporate the latest innovations: controle system on CNC POWER AUTOMATION (CN7100 ISO), new pneumatic cutting heads long lasting, axes positioning control, 3 or 5 axis head, rake control, etc ... The 3 or 5 axes cutting heads are powered by a THP pump ranging from 15 HP (10kW, maximum flow 1,2 l / min at 3800 bar) to 125HP (92kW, maximum flow rate 10 l / min at 6200 bar). This water jet cutting machine is designed for:
- soft materials: rubber, plastic, leather, etc.
- hard materials with abrasive addition: metal, ceramic, glass, stone, composite materials, etc.

QUIK JET II: Compact and precision for all materials.

This new waterjet cutting machine given by MECANUMERIC is unique on the market. It combines safety, compactness, high productivity and ultra precision.
His cinematic inspired by solutions for mechanical machining centers (use of ball screws on all axes, high-performance servo-motors AC Brushless controlled by a user-friendly CNC) allows to consider the realization of high precision parts.
Equipped with high-pressure pumps and components THP, the QUICKJET II is a water jet cutting machine optimized for all industrial precision cutting applications with pure soft or hard materials.