Compact, agile and versatile, the MICROLAB dental milling machine with 4 axes is designed and manufactured in France to fit all budgets and suit all requirements, from the small personal laboratory to the big industrial laboratory.

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100% productive

  • Allows the machining on standard blocks ( IVOCLAR® , VITA®, 3M®, DENTSPLY®…) size till  20 x15 x65 mm  or on square blocks - size 60 x 60 x 20 mm


100% versatile

  • 4 axes milling machine capable of machining in dry and in wet, on many non-metallic materials such as  : Lithium Disilicate, Zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, WAX,  composite resins…


100% compatible

  • Opened system compatible with any  CAO ( CAD) system issuing STL files
  • CAD complete solution available with Mécanuméric


100% integrated

  • Integrated compressor, requires only a 230V electric, monophased plug  to work correctly
  • No additionnal tools required.
  • Tool automatic changer with 4 tools and measuring sensor
  • Compact and silent machine
  • User-friendly Interface with color touch screen