Knife cutting

Compared to laser or waterjet, which have developed the field of machining in terms of speed, precision and productivity, knife cutting, an older technique, has kept all its specificity and attractiveness. 


Knife cutting (or blade cutting) uses different technologies and tools (fixed, oscillating or rotating knives, ultrasounds) which allow it to be applied to the range of existing materials. It is perfectly adapted to complex cuts on flexible or semi-rigid materials in sheets, in 2D (including in high thicknesses) as well as in three dimensions. The fineness of the knife cut thus allows an optimal work on composite materials, foams, rubber, plastic, but also on textile, leather, glass fabric, cardboard, wood and its derivatives.


Although its field of application is vast, knife cutting offers the best of its efficiency in the fields of POS, signage and packaging, for which its high quality of finish allows a significant gain in productivity by reducing to a minimum the operations of reworking (deburring, finishing ...).


In this respect, Mécanuméric's MECAPRO range can be equipped with knife cutting heads in addition to the milling head, thus allowing great versatility and fine and precise cutting.