Numerically controlled laser cutting technology


Laser cutting and engraving offer many advantages and high productivity: significant cutting speed, very precise work, little or no deformation of the material, no tooling required, no direct contact with the material, process safety and automation, etc.

Laser cutting is versatile in that it can be used on a wide range of materials: aluminium, metal (steel, stainless steel), wood, plastics, paper, fabrics, etc. whatever the size of the parts required. 

The power of laser technology means it can be used for a wide range of applications in the industrial sector (aeronautics, transport, furniture, etc.) as well as in decoration, architecture, advertising, art, etc. 


How laser cutting systems work 

CNC laser cutting uses a high-powered laser beam to heat the surface of the material to be cut until it melts or evaporates. Cutting is complete when the laser beam has completely penetrated the material to be machined. A treatment gas can be added to the process for certain applications.


This high-tech process can be assisted by numerical control (using dedicated software). An industrial CNC laser-cutting tool provides better results in terms of both the precision of the finish and the speed of production of the parts to be cut. 

A CNC laser-cutting machine can process all types of object at high speed, whatever the format and size of the cut (which can be less than a millimetre).
There is no need to maintain the laser beam, just as there is no risk of it wearing out, which reduces the cost of consumables. As much a cutter as an engraver, this laser-cutting process provides a wide range of services to industry. CNC laser cutting machines from the MECANUMERIC range are a source of complete customer satisfaction, thanks to their build quality and ease of use. 

Cutting a wide range of materials is possible thanks to the use of fibre-optic laser technology.



Laser cutting technology effective on a wide range of materials


Laser cutting of metal :

This powerful method enables metal to be cut with great precision, even for complex shapes. Thanks to its great flexibility, laser cutting is used on a wide range of metals, such as steel, aluminium, sheet metal and copper. What's more, laser-cut metal parts have clean, smooth edges, shortening the production process by reducing the need for additional finishing.


Laser cutting and engraving of wood:

Laser cutting of wood is an innovative method that offers creative and precise possibilities. Using a focused laser beam, this technique enables wood to be cut with great precision and finesse. The advantages of laser wood cutting lie in its ability to produce clean cuts, complex contours and meticulous detail. 

What's more, the laser can be used to engrave patterns, images or even text on the surface of the wood, adding an artistic and personalised dimension to any project. Whether creating models, decorative pieces or even furniture, laser cutting of wood is a versatile and effective technique, allowing craftsmen and designers to explore new perspectives in their work.


Laser cutting of plastics:

This process enables plastic to be cut with great precision, regardless of its complexity or thickness. Laser cutting offers a number of advantages for machining plastics, including high cutting speed and the absence of physical contact with the material, which reduces the risk of deformation or damage. 

In addition, laser technology enables cuts to be made with smooth, burr-free edges, eliminating the need for additional finishing. Laser cutting of plastics also offers great flexibility of use, as it can be used to process a wide range of plastics, such as acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC and many others. Whether you're making industrial parts, prototypes or decorative objects, laser plastic cutting guarantees precise, clean, high-quality results.



The applications

CNC laser cutting is used to manufacture a wide range of objects for a variety of applications, including :



LASER cutting equipment from MÉCANUMÉRIC 

MECALASE, ideal for cutting acrylics, other plastics and thin-gauge steel.


MECALASE CNC laser cutting equipment is optimised for acrylics, plastics, wood and derivatives. Economical running costs and long periods between gas refills make it a valuable asset.


LASEC, cutting (vector mode) and engraving (raster) for plastics, wood, leather, etc.


Capable of cutting in vector mode and engraving in raster mode, the LASEC CNC laser cutting machine is optimised for several materials: plastics, synthetic resins, wood and wood products, leather, soft stone, marble, granite (engraving only), mineral glass (engraving only), fabric and cardboard.


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