4-axis CNC milling machines

MÉCANUMÉRIC manufactures and markets the MECABOND range of high-productivity, multi-head, 4-axis CNC digital milling machines. It is ideal for signage applications and building facades. Discover Charly Dental's 4-axis milling machines for the dental sector. 


Easy to use, a 4-axis CNC milling machine can cut and engrave all types of parts and objects. Robust and powerful, this equipment machines wood as well as plastics and various metals. Cutting and engraving with a 4-axis CNC milling machine are highly precise.


Compact 4 axes milling machine capable of machining in dry and in wet
Compact dental milling/grinding machines in 4 axes for dry and wet machining
For ultra fast cutting of materials in plates

MÉCANUMÉRIC manufacturer of 4-axis CNC milling machines


4-axis CNC milling machines allow us to work on one more side of the machined parts and objects, which is not the case with a 3-axis CNC machine. 

Close to its customers, MÉCANUMÉRIC is committed to offering the right price for its machines. Delivery times are short. We provide full training (software and machine operation) so that users can fully master all the functions of their equipment.


The MÉCANUMÉRIC CNC numerical control system


The numerical control developed for this type of machine offers a number of advantages. Programs can be saved for future use. This means that a new series of parts can be produced extremely quickly. If necessary, production can be stopped and restarted with minimum loss of time. 


The machines


MECANUMERIC has developed 3 4-axis CNC milling machines, two of which are specifically designed for the dental sector. The 3rd machine is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. 



This 4-axis milling machine is ultra-agile and versatile. Dental surgeons and laboratories alike can produce a wide range of dental prostheses, including splints, crowns, bridges and single frameworks (copings). It has a brushless servomotor and a 500 W spindle. It can rotate at speeds of up to 100,000 rpm.


Precision tool length measurement +/-0.01 millimetre. This is a true machining centre, ideal for provisional or single-unit dental prostheses. 



The CHARLYDENTAL CD04-S range of machines is designed for the manufacture of dental prostheses with 4 positioned axes. 12 tools can be installed in the magazine. This machine also has a USB and ETHERNET communication port.


It is ideal for regular or even daily production, thanks to its quick and easy operation. Its 4 rotating axes enable it to mill prostheses in soft materials and ceramics, either dry or with a lubricated tool. 


Laboratories and dentists can quickly and easily produce screw-in bars, telescope crowns, orthodontic study models, veneers and inlay-cores.



This multi-head, 4-axis CNC digital milling machine has a large worktable. It is designed to produce large parts. With a spindle speed of up to 100,000 rpm, machining is both fast and precise. 


It has a high-productivity system for rapid cutting of sheet materials. It is particularly well-suited to the building sector (production of facades, decorative friezes or plastic joinery), as well as to the sign industry.


Machining new materials in the aerospace industry: MÉCANUMÉRIC, expertise at the service of innovation

Machining new materials in the aerospace industry: MÉCANUMÉRIC, expertise at the service of innovation

Advantages, issues and machining problems: composites offer significant advantages in the aeronautical sector, but what are the challenges to be met in order to benefit from them?