5-axis machining with a CNC machine

MÉCANUMÉRIC manufactures and markets the NORMAPROFIL range of 5-axis CNC milling machines designed for large parts. These versatile machines are ideal for modellers and thermoformers, providing perfect deburring and finishing of large plastic parts. 

The CHARLYROBOT CD05 and CD50 ranges are designed for dental laboratories and dental technicians, who can produce technical prostheses using 5-axis technology.


With 5-axis CNC milling technology, the milling tool rotates on the 2 axes simultaneously with its linear movement on the XYZ axes. This technology makes it possible to machine all sides of a part without human handling, while ensuring a high quality cut and finish. This cutting process saves considerable working time.

5-axis compact dental milling machines, for dry machining and irrigation.
5 axes metal CN milling machine for the dental industry
Start prototyping with an easy to start machine !
Complete, changeable : ideal equipment for vacuum forming specialists and pattern makers
Product range optimized for big machining parts and big forming parts

MÉCANUMÉRIC manufacturer of 5-axis milling machines

Our range of versatile 5-axis CNC milling machines has been designed to meet a wide variety of needs. Our machines can produce small parts with impeccable finish quality and precision, as well as machining large parts in simple or complex shapes.


The power of their spindles makes them particularly powerful and easy to use. Depending on your needs, they can machine all types of materials and soft or hard metals: PU and PS foams, resins, aluminium, brass, alloys, etc. The NORMAPROFIL ranges are ergonomically designed to preserve the operator's quality of work, thanks to a sophisticated table and gantry design.

Machines and their applications

Our range of 5-axis CNC milling machines is divided into two families. The first is designed for the dental sector (for prosthetic laboratories and dental surgeons). The second, for industrial use, has a large table and is optimised for machining large parts in a variety of materials.


5-axis milling machines for the dental sector



The CHARLYDENTAL CD05 range of milling machines is easy to use. These machining centres are compact yet versatile. They are equipped with an open CAD/CAM system compatible with the main scanners, CAD/CAM software and consumables. They are ideal for daily production of prostheses in soft materials and ceramics, either dry or with a lubricated tool. 


A wide range of materials can be machined with these CNC machines.


- Ceramic or lithium disilicate for making a crown.
- Plastic materials for making orthodontic splints.
- Steel for implant abutments.
- etc.




This digitally-controlled milling machine is a top-of-the-range cutting tool. It has a cutting capacity with 5 simultaneous axes for hard metals such as chrome-cobalt, titanium, PEEK, PMMA/WAX and zirconium oxide. 


Tools down to 0.5 millimetres can be used, thanks to its powerful spindle (speed up to 50,000 rpm). The finest details of a fixed prosthesis framework, implant bars or abutments for implantology are produced with the highest degree of finish. The surface of these small machined parts conforms to its modelling.


Versatile 5-axis CNC milling machines

5-axis machining offers solutions for the manufacture of complex, highly technical parts. This type of machine tool can produce different quantities of parts, from a single prototype to small and medium-sized series. 5-axis CNC routers have three XYZ axes with additional rotary axes, enabling a part to be machined on many sides, without the need for an operator to turn the material. 




This machining centre meets the needs of a large number of industrial applications requiring a test and prototyping phase. It is particularly well suited to the plastics and mechanical engineering sectors, and is ideal for use in design offices or prototyping firms. 

NORMAPROFIL 5-axis T Series CNC, the ideal equipment for thermoformers and pattern makers

The NORMAPROFIL T Series 5-axis CNC milling machine is optimised for finishing and deburring large parts of various shapes produced using the thermoforming process. It can also machine parts in the following materials: Plastics and composites, Synthetic resins, PU and PS foams, Aluminium, Brass and alloys.


NORMAPROFIL M series, 5-axis CNC milling machine, optimised for machining large parts

The NORMAPROFIL M series 5-axis CNC milling machine is optimised for a wide range of materials. There are numerous applications in the transport and aeronautical sectors, such as the manufacture of several components for seats or luggage compartments, for example. 


The M series 5-axis CNC milling machine is optimised for the production of models and moulds or 5-axis machining of thermoformed and rotomoulded shaped parts, etc.

Machining new materials in the aerospace industry: MÉCANUMÉRIC, expertise at the service of innovation

Machining new materials in the aerospace industry: MÉCANUMÉRIC, expertise at the service of innovation

Advantages, issues and machining problems: composites offer significant advantages in the aeronautical sector, but what are the challenges to be met in order to benefit from them?