Milling technologies allow high efficiency, quality finishes, high precision and flexibility in the generation of different shapes. Thanks to the numerical controls, the milling machines are very versatile and allow a very large variety of realizations. 


Today available in 3-axis, 4-axis or 5-axis versions, the milling machines can perform numerous operations (grooving, through cutting, engraving, deburring, 3D production...) which are suitable for industrial players in a multitude of sectors of activity: 

  • aeronautics and space
  • nautical
  • ground transportation
  • SIGN, POS and communication
  • plastics processing
  • mechanics
  • models and prototyping
  • building
  • furniture
  • medical and pharmaceutical
  • dental prosthesis
  • teaching centers... 

Thanks to its technical expertise, MECANUMERIC offers a wide range of milling machines, from the 4U mini-milling machine to the 5-axis NORMAPROFIL range, able to meet the needs of professionals. 

3 axis range

MÉCANUMÉRIC presents a complete range of 3-axis CNC machines, up to high-performance machining solutions.

CharlyRobot4U - CharlyRobot2U, compact milling format A4 and A2
Very easy to be used is one of the main features of Charly4U / 2U 3-axis CNC milling machines, they give precise machining results for a wide variety of metals, with a reduced budget.


DMC, Mini machining centers from A3 format to 610 x 1200 mm
Designed for precise and intensive work, DMC 3-axis machine tools are suitable for a wide range of applications : metal engraving, precision machining, plastics processing, design, prototyping ...


MECAEASY, small and large industrial milling machines

With a reinforced frame and gantry, equipped with a more powerful spindle, MECAEASY 3-axis CNC milling machine meets the most demanding production needs in 2D and 3D with high speed of execution.


MECAPRO, 3-axis CNC milling machines offering an excellent quality/price ratio

MECAPRO milling equipment is useful for many applications in various industries with an excellent quality/price ratio.


MECAPLUS, 3-axis CNC milling machine for high performance machining solution
MECAPLUS is suitable for machining aluminum, thick plastics and composite materials with high mechanical properties.


MECAPLUS HP, High Performance Machining Centers: MECAPLUS 3-axis CNC Milling
Heavy, fast, powerful, precise and efficient, being also easy to use, the MECAPLUS HP 3-axis CNC milling machine is designed for intensive use : a powerful high precision solution.


TRIAX MOBILE, 3-axis CNC milling machine with moving table and fixed gantry for high precision machining.
The TRIAX MOBILE milling machine is specialized in machining aluminum, synthetic resins, steel, copper and copper alloys, graphite, plastics and composites.

4 axes range

The 4-axis CNC milling machines allow to work on both sides of a workpiece. 4 axis machine tools have XYZ axis and also a rotating axis. The tool can therefore proceed without external input to turn the material.


MECABOND multi-heads with high productivity
MECABOND, a high-productivity 4-axis multi-head CNC milling machine, is optimum for sign and facade applications in the building industry.


MICROLAB 4+ dry or wet machining on many materials for dentists and dental technicians
This 4-axis CNC machine is able to machine both dry and wet, on many non-metallic materials as Lithium Disilicate, Zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, WAX, composite resins...


CHARLYDENTAL CD04-S & CD05-S for the dental sector
This 4- and 5-axis CNC dental prosthesis milling machine is ideal for simple and fast daily production of crowns, bridges and other dental prosthesis made of soft materials and ceramics, dry or with lubricated tools.


5 axes range

5-axis machining offers solutions for the manufacture of complex and highly technical parts. MÉCANUMÉRIC manufactures and distributes two 5-axis CNC milling machines :


NORMAPROFIL M, 5-axis CNC milling machine, optimized for machining of large parts
The 5-axis CNC milling machine M-Series is optimized for many materials. Applications are numerous in land and air transport. 


NORMAPROFIL 5 axes T-Series, the ideal equipment for thermoforming and modeling machines
The 5-axis CNC milling machine of the T series is optimized for large shaped parts made by thermoforming using these materials: plastics and composites, synthetic resin, PU and PS foam, wood and derivatives, aluminum, brass and alloys.


CHARLYDENTAL CD 50 HM SD & HM ADC for the dental sector
This high-end digital milling machine with 5 simultaneous axes for metal (chrome-cobalt and titanium) is a concentrate of performance. The milling machine is designed for intensive machining of Chrome-Cobalt and Titanium, in 5 continuous axes. Applications: fixed prosthesis frameworks, implant bars, customized abutments for implantology.