Designer and manufacturer of numerically controlled cutting and machining equipment


Mecanumeric offers a vast offer of CNC solutions highly recognized by the industrial business, the dental and education communities.


Its position is widely recognised in the following markets: rapid prototyping, signs, modelling, models and design, various 3D machining and engraving. The partnership developed with each customer enables the implementation of first-rate integrated solutions, guaranteeing flexibility and productivity.


High-performance technology and service, proximity and reliability are the guarantees offered by MÉCANUMÉRIC, one of the only manufacturers in the world to master all the technologies required for the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of complete, customised numerically-controlled cutting solutions using HSM milling as well as other cutting processes such as waterjet, laser, knife and ultrasound. The MECANUMERIC group means :

  • More than 22 ranges of standard equipment for cutting, engraving, thermoforming and polishing.
  • Customised technological solutions in complement to the standard offer.
  • Numerous and various application fields.
  • A complete and reactive after sales service, close to the customers.

MECANUMERIC ... Day to Day Service Support, Technicality, Reliability ...


With a consolidated turnover of more than 20 M€ in 2019, the Mecanumeric group employs 140 persons and owns more than 13000 m² production surface in a brand new South West of France facility near the famous UNESCO World Heritage Episcopal city of Albi. 





The distribution and follow-up of our products across world are provided :

- either directly by MECANUMERIC France in several countries (MEA region, Benelux, Portugal, Spain)

- or by its our 3 subsidiaries in charge of sales and of local service support across their respective territories:

  • MECANUMERIC DEUTSCHLAND GmbH for distribution of our products in the DACH territory (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

  • MECANUMERIC ITALIA Srl for distribution in Italy

- or through a network of distributors, partners, agents and technical support.

The TEAM : The core strength of Mecanumeric is moved ahead by our individual talents


The DNA of Mecanumeric Group is for sure its Teams ! Mecanumeric Group has celebrated its 30 years of service as one of the most respected CNC manufacturer.


On today, in France and across the European Union, 150 team members, from design to maintenance, are guided by the same principle :  To develop and install solutions that give our customers economic access to reliable and innovative CNC solutions of manufacturing.

Founded in 1994 by a group of 12 technicians and engineers, Mecanumeric Group has based its growth on the know-how of its teams and is proud of being one of the best providers of CNC products and services to the industry.


100% of engineering, structural fabrication and machine assembly take place at our South West of France facility near the famous UNESCO World Heritage Episcopal city of Albi :

  • Mecanumeric Group’s capabilities include complete in-house :
  • mechanical and electrical engineering,
  • welding and steel fabrication,
  • a fully-equipped machine shop,
  • two large scale CNC machining centers,
  • mechanical and electrical assembly operations,
  • control system integration
  • and final test processes.


Certified ISO 9001 version 2015, the company is committed to developing a service culture. Whether from its headquarters in the Tarn (81) or from its subsidiaries in Germany or Italy, MÉCANUMÉRIC is able to intervene in less than 3 working days on the customer's site.


Customer Service culture : CARE, the best customer service for Mécanuméric CNC machines

At Mecanumeric Group, we think that only a complete service is of value.


In addition to marketing our machines, we aim to provide a comprehensive service to our customers. Our CARE department is at the heart of the relationship with our customers and can intervene from the design phase of the project until the end of the machine's life. With a staff of more than 20 people, the CARE department offers many services to our customers in order to get the best possible use out of MÉCANUMÉRIC machines.

Traning center

MÉCANUMÉRIC's training teams train your operators to use the machine and the software and to assure its correct maintenance. On customer site or directly at its training center in Albi, discover our training program.


Faisability tests

You need to work with new materials or improve the quality / time of your machining? Our CARE department can support you thanks to its testing unit. Find out more about our services.

Machine improvement 
Our CARE department also offers you the opportunity to improve the performance of your machine by adding or modifying various options (ex: replacement of the table by a suction plate for a better maintenance of the parts, change of the spindle, addition of a tool changer, addition of a new cutting head, etc.).

Curative / Preventive maintenance
Our team of technicians travel all around the world to provide preventive and curative maintenance on your machine, thus ensuring them a longer lifespan. Find out about our maintenance contracts.

A team of technicians is also available to help you out by phone or with remote control.

Spare parts
MÉCANUMÉRIC also provides you with an online store for the purchase of the parts and consumables you need, whether for a Mécanuméric, CharlyDental, CharlyRobot machine or even for a machine from another brand.



Contact our CARE Department for more information
via our


Permanent innovation : With about 10 % of the volume of sales invested every year in R&D


Thanks to its R&D department with more than 20 engineers and technicians, each one expert in his field (mechanics, electronics, automation, robotics, computer systems...), MÉCANUMÉRIC totally draws and designs the machines sold. This specificity allows the company to propose machines entirely customised to its customers with high reactivity.



Innovation is essential for the company.



Our R&D teams is mainly made up of engineers and technicians highly skilled in the design of machine tools and customised machines, with many years of experience, this team allows the company to be expert in : 

- mechanical studies

- 3D design on a modern CAD : PRO ENGINEER CREO

- design of CNC boards

- programmation in assembly languages or object orientated languages

- interpolated multiax electronic control

- integration of SIEMENS, FANUC or HEIDENHAIN CNC boards and related automation systems

- creation of electrical drawings (IGE XAO)

- integration of robots ...


MÉCANUMÉRIC is actively involved in many R&D projects in partnership with different actors (State, industrials, schools, technical institutes...) every year.


Made in France  : Every step of your machine is manufactured in France !

The company has been committed to producing everything in-house since it was founded in 1994, and today this is a value that is highly valued by our customers. To ensure total control of the manufacturing chain, all our production activities are brought together in a 13,000 m² building, which maximises our efficiency and allows teams to work together.

Built in 2019 and located in Marssac-Sur-Tarn, the new MÉCANUMÉRIC factory offers modern production facilities: 


  - cutting and welding equipment,

  - 2 large gantry milling machines CORREA VERSA 90 and CORREA VERSA 130

  - numerous machining and turning machines: DMG MORI, MAZAK, CMZ...

  - 4 cabins for shot blasting, washing, epoxy powdering and baking,

  - a metrology and TRIDIM department

  - 15 overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 40 T..

We carry out the entire manufacture of our machines from the creation of the chassis to the final tests: 

  - cutting and welding of machine structures

  - shot blasting, washing, painting and baking of parts, frames and gantries

  - machining of the parts needed to manufacture the machines

  - electrical wiring of the cabinets

  - mechanical and electrical assembly

  - testing of parts and machines ...


The production teams (nearly sixty people) work hand in hand with all the other departments in the company to ensure the best possible quality for our customers.

A new design for MÉCANUMÉRIC’s website (Jan. 2018)

A new design for MÉCANUMÉRIC’s website (Jan. 2018)

MÉCANUMÉRIC just set up its new online website dedicated to industry, education and dental stakeholders. Main features : a more refined design, more video contents and a website which can be easily viewed on tablet or smartphone.
Fast-track assembly for an extraordinary machine (Jan. 2018)

Fast-track assembly for an extraordinary machine (Jan. 2018)

6 weeks of assembly for this 21-metre-long milling machine! That's the challenge ...
A "MADE IN FRANCE" partnership to both simplify digital transition in education sphere and provide the Fablabs with cutting machines (May, 2021)

A "MADE IN FRANCE" partnership to both simplify digital transition in education sphere and provide the Fablabs with cutting machines (May, 2021)