After a year of construction, the company has just taken possession of its new premises. Larger, more modern, more luminous, this new factory of more than 13,000 m² allows the company to gather all its activities on a single site in Marssac sur Tarn (France) instead of 3 different sites previously.


This new environment provides teams with high-performance means of production:

- new flow and welding equipment,

- 1 new large dimension portal milling machine CORREA VERSA 130 in addition to the old CORREA VERSA 90

- new large cabins for shot blasting, washing, Epoxy powdering and cooking,

- 15 overhead traveling cranes with a lifting capacity up to 40 T ..


The move was carried out with the help of all employees and a team of 4 movers for the most bulky things. Thanks to planning made in advance, the company was only closed for 2 days in May, the move having been carried out gradually over several weeks to have the least possible impact on the activity.

The official inauguration will take place next October, the time to let the company settle permanently in its new factory.