MÉCANUMÉRIC and ERM AUTOMATISMES have established a partnership for the distribution of turning, milling and waterjet cutting machines to training institutions and Fablabs.


The MÉCANUMÉRIC – ERM duo have already won several tenders off to equip various establishments and thus favour the development of digital skills of the students. The region of Centre Val de Loire will equip 23 technical high schools with CharlyRobot 2U (milling) and 4T (turning) machines. This favour the learning process of the new technologies which are increasingly included within training programs for a multitude of jobs, especially technical ones. Amiens University, engineering school ESTIA in Bidart or even the CMA of Var have already been delivered with waterjet cutting machines for the training of their students.


Beyond the schools, both companies meet a growing need for equipment from Fablabs, authentic digital manufacturing workshop where the makers can reclaim the means of production, produce and create by themselves. A new range of medium size milling machines is already in development at MÉCANUMÉRIC to complete the current offer and bring the best satisfaction possible to this new type of clients.

Discover below the testimonials of the leaders on this "100% made in France" partnership:


Cyril Liotard, CEO of ERM Automatismes:

In 2015, ERM Automatismes created a Business Unit dedicated to the digital manufacturing: ERM Fab&Test. Through a fine selection of manufacturing partners, ERM Fab&Test has set up an offer of compact and high-performance manufacturing solutions for industry, medical, research and education sectors, as well as for third places.

The partnership with MÉCANUMÉRIC enriches our range thanks to the addition of solutions in waterjet cutting, compact machining (Charly) and CNC routers. Furthermore, working with a historic French player, recognized for the quality of its machines, is a source of pride for ERM. Increasing the deployment of MÉCANUMÉRIC machines in the academic world and third places is also a mission to promote French know-how in industrial machinery."



"In 2007, MÉCANUMÉRIC has decided to expand its product offering by taking control of the company CHARLYROBOT, a well-known player in educational sphere in France. This first step allowed us to realize the importance of the initial training on the employability and the competence of future operators and employees. Through my consular mandates as President of the Employment and Training commissions, I know for the most part the whole sector of Education, especially technical education and training, thus I was able to analyse what could be our contribution to this sector.

Subsequent to the renovation and development of the Education range products within CHARLYROBOT and MÉCANUMÉRIC, it seemed obvious that our internal culture, which was very “industrial world” oriented, was not the best to understand and provide the suitable service for the Education and Fablab sectors.

Attached to the "Made in France", I have found in ERM a partner who shares our values ​​and our vision. We have a very close relationship with ERM, and with Cyril LIOTARD - its CEO, we call each other several times a week. Together we want to prove that our products, which are designed and manufactured in France, can still be sold within French limited budgets sectors, despite the competition of the low-cost products from Asia and especially from China."


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