MECANUMERIC CNC machines combine innovation, productivity and competitiveness for the manufacture and machining of parts in the nautical field such as sailing boat rudders.


Although submerged, the rudder plays an essential role in the steering of a boat. As in the aeronautical field, industrial equipment such as 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC milling machines and CNC waterjet cutting machines meet the different needs and constraints of naval parts manufacturers.

Boat rudder blade machining

Boat rudder blade machining

High-performance industrial tools for machining boat rudders 

On a boat, the rudder contributes to the steering of the ship and to its stability (in the same way as an aircraft stabiliser). It is therefore an essential part in the manufacture of a boat, whether monohull or multihull.


Several materials are used in the manufacture of a rudder. Stainless steel tubing, high quality wood planks, carbon cloth, fibreglass and Kevlar can all be part of a rudder's components.


In the case of industrial production, a prototype is used to enable mass production of the rudder components. In the case of one-off production, the parts are cut and machined according to a model, which may be digital. The numerical control then guides each movement of the CNC machine during the machining of the parts for greater precision. 


MECANUMERIC has designed a wide range of CNC milling machines and CNC waterjet cutting machines perfectly suited to the manufacture of boat rudders. Indeed, the MECAPRO and MECAPLUS HP 3-axis milling machines are perfectly suited for milling thick materials and composite materials. They combine performance with high precision.


The QUICKJET II and MECAJET models will be indispensable industrial CNC waterjet cutting tools for the manufacture of rudders. High-pressure cutting with pure water or with the addition of abrasive provides an optimum degree of finish.



CNC milling machines and water jet cutting machines for the production of interior fittings

Many interior fittings also require the precision of 3-axis milling machines as well as CNC waterjet cutting machines. Thus, for the manufacture of the seats, the dashboard and the windows, various materials are machined: wood, aluminium, plastics, stainless steel, etc.


High precision cutting allows perfect assembly of the machined parts to offer optimal safety to the sailors, whatever their density, hardness and thickness. Numerically controlled equipment such as the LABJET and MECAJET models for high-precision waterjet cutting, as well as the MECAEASY model for 2D and 3D production, are high-performance tools offering results that meet the objectives.