"The CharlyRobots are both easy to use and design enough to make even the most reluctant students want to work on these systems. What's more, we've always been able to carry out the machining we wanted. Finally, the most important thing is that our students will find these same machines in industry.

In secondary school, for example, we make all sorts of technical objects: all the interior parts of model boats: couplings, engine mountings, plastic mountings, remote controls, etc. . Technical objects such as an electronic siren case with the 4èmes, CD holders with the 3èmes. At lycée, with the ISP secondes, we make model car chassis, for example. More specifically, we use the machines for engraving, machining lights, routing and 2D machining. 

We machine different materials such as: ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, wood and aluminium. These machines are easy to use and set up, which means that students learn to use them very quickly. This is vital, as CharlyRobots are used as part of the discovery of production engineering and technology in secondary schools, as advocated by the French national education system.

The CharlyRobots are perfectly suited to the new 6ème curriculum, particularly the production part, thanks to their ease of use".


Head of Works at the Lycée La Salle in Avignon

(Owner of two CRA4s, a CRA2, a CharlyRobot4U and a CharlyRobot 2U)



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