Education, FABLAB and R&D


Supplier of industrial equipment, the CNC machines of the MECANUMERIC Company participate in the training of students in college, high school and CFA. They also integrate the many research processes within FABLABS and R&D departments.


Students and researchers can thus use CNC machines for VHP water jet cutting, the manufacture of 3D printed parts or even the turning of parts for the creation of prototypes and small series, for example.

In line with current production methods, the use of MECANUMERIC machine tools is shared in third places such as local factories, shared workshops, local factories where craftsmen and entrepreneurs can go from the project phase and/or prototyping in the production phase.

Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting

Additive manufacturing - 3D printing

Additive manufacturing - 3D printing



CNC machines for education and research

MECANUMERIC CNC machines are designed to facilitate the learning and handling of industrial tools by students. They are easy to use and their ergonomics have been studied so that the greatest number of students progress quickly.


They machine all types of parts such as engine mounts, siren housings and model car chassis. The performance of the CNC machines allows them to work on many materials (wood, aluminium, PVC, etc.) and also to use industrial 2D and 3D manufacturing tools.


At the forefront of innovation and technological developments, FABLABS and R&D departments are in need of industrial equipment to continue their work and put the results of their research into practice.


Very high pressure water jet cutting and additive 3D printing are used in many manufacturing processes. These processes are used on a daily basis for research in FABLABS and R&D departments.



Advanced technologies for third-party players

For more than 20 years, new places of research, shared production, training, sharing of know-how and transmission of skills have been emerging in France.


Thus, the Fablabs, were supported by universities and/or communities, aimed to launch production with an economic goal. Since the creation of Fablabs, many third-places such as production factories have spread across the territory, providing craftsmen, VSEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups with digital machine tools and personalized training services. These shared third-places of production are supported by the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion "ANCT" and allow local players to access high-performance digital tools to facilitate the development of their economic activity.


MECANUMERIC, whose experience is longstanding and whose expertise is strong, accompanies the promoters of innovative projects in local Manufactures by providing them with tailor-made solutions: digital machine tools and personalized training, thus contributing to the economic development of fragile areas and to supporting sectors with an objective of ecological and digital transition such as the wood sector, eco-construction, sustainable mobility, crafts or cultural industries.


- THP waterjet cutting


THP (very high pressure) water jet cutting can be carried out by several CNC machines in the MECANUMERIC range, depending on the projects carried out by students in secondary schools and CFAs or researchers in FABLABS and R&D departments.


Indeed, CNC waterjet cutting machines are particularly suitable for soft materials thanks to the pure water cutting process (rubber, plastic, leather...) and for hard materials (metal, ceramics, glass...) thanks to the abrasive water cutting process.


LABJET industrial equipment is compact, safe, powerful and precise. It meets the most rigorous safety requirements for teaching in CFA and college while remaining within a controlled budget. The same applies to the new QUICKJET II waterjet cutting machine, which benefits from a combination of features such as ultra precision, safety and high productivity, making it unique on the market. It facilitates even more the research carried out in the FABLABS and R&D departments.



- Additive manufacturing - 3D printing


MECANUMERIC, an industrial equipment supplier, offers CNC machines for 3-axis digital milling. Students from colleges, CFA as well as researchers from FABLABS and R&D departments use CNC milling machines equipped with a 3D printer for the manufacture of numerous parts during their work and training.


Thus, the Charly4U/Charly2U 3-axis digital milling machines are designed for the additive manufacturing of parts via an easy-to-use 3D printing mini-module. The machining with this type of CNC machine is of high quality and finesse. It is possible to machine and mill many metals such as aluminium and brass.



- CNC turning


MECANUMERIC's Charly4T numerically controlled lathe is a popular industrial tool for colleges, high schools, CFAs and FABLABS. This technology combines simplicity and performance. Students and researchers appreciate being able to perform the main turning operations such as facing, turning, grooving, boring, threading or following complex profiles.


Charly4T also allows the turning of prototypes and small series. The performance of this industrial tooling is matched only by its ease of use and the perfection of the work carried out.