Customised automated production line with CNC machine - food industry

Automated production line

MECANUMERIC designs and produces made-to-measure CNC machines, including automated production lines for the Agri-food sector

This customer approached us for our ability to create a complete bespoke production line to automate and improve the cutting of fresh fruit. 


Many issues had to be considered for this project: working environment at 6/8° with a high level of humidity, supply of fresh fruit and compulsory automatic waste disposal, etc.


After several months of design work in direct liaison with the customer, thanks to our 100% in-house design office, we were able to propose an automated cutting line equipped with :
- 4 4000 bar pumps,
- 20 cutting heads
- a 6-axis robot for fruit handling and unloading,
- 8 ergonomic manual peeling stations, 
- a sorting area at the end of the line... 


Entirely built at our former premises in Albi, this production line is now delivered to the customer's premises. 


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